So you’ve launched a new website and not getting enough traffic even though you tried almost all tricks out there?

              The problem most entrepreneur face is not about how they can build a website or even start a blog; it’s about how they can drive traffic to their website/blog and get more leads.

             To be frank, we are the ones who is responsible for driving traffic to our own websites.

               The main problem why you don’t get enough traffic is most likely you are targeting on the wrong metrics.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

                   If you have a website then you probably would know the importance of website traffic. If you cannot generate targeted visitors to your website, then it’s sure that you won’t get any leads/ sales.

                  Large number of traffic to your website is good, but you need to focus on the quality of your website traffic. When you can increase your website traffic along with the quality of the visitors to your website, then the chance of conversion is very high.

                 The main ingredient to website traffic is search engines. Most of the website owners are not aware of the importance of search engine visibility which will lead to more website traffic.

 Here are some methods to improve your website traffic!!!

Understanding The Sources Of Your Website Traffic :

                      There are mainly two ways through which you can drive traffic to your website. The first way is free; by using methods like search engine optimization, social media, content sharing, etc. The other way is paid; paid ads can draw traffic to your website, but it’s a bit costly.  The more organized you are, the better you have presented your offer, you are more likely to succeed in any of these traffic driving methods.

                    To ensure that you are doing it right, you need to keep track of all your efforts to understand where your visitors are coming from, when is the traffic more, etc. The best tool to use for tracking is Google Analytics. Google has a great tool that you can use to build your URLs.

                     Remember that, if you’re not tracking properly the traffic coming to your website, you’re just wasting your time marketing online. Another important thing about tracking is to utilize conversion pixels. You can effectively determine, how much each sale has cost you.

  Organic Traffic Methods:

1) Implement Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

                        Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your website in Google and other search engines.SEO is the art and science of driving targeted website traffic to your website from search engines. If you don’t understand what SEO is then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Know the strategies of SEO so that you can track whether you are using the right method to drive potential customers.

2) Write Unique and Attractive Content :

                      Like it or not content is king and always will be.  As long as you create unique and attractive content for your blog or website, you will keep the visitors come back for more. Better your content, more the visitors will be engaged in your website/blog.  People will share your content, thus helping in promoting your website.

3) Answer Questions on Quora:

                     Quora is the best place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a great platform to drive traffic to your website. Answer the questions which is there in it and link the right keywords to anchor text. Make sure that your answers are very detailed. Make sure that you don’t use this platform to do spam.

4)Create Your YouTube Videos:   

                         YouTube is one of the best platform for driving organic traffic to your website. Create useful videos and tutorials that add a huge amount of value and be sure to link to your content through the description. Be careful while you write title and description, it should be keyword oriented.

5)Get on Instagram:

                            Everyone is familiar with Instagram. It’s the best place for sharing photos, videos and connect along with people around the world. Many business owners  has used Instagram as the main platform to build their online presence.

6)Use LinkedIn to Connect and share:

                           LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented service that operates through websites and mobile apps. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is the best area for marketing contents in your website. Publish high quality and unique content so that it delivers enormous amount of value and make sure that you link the content to anchor text to gain that all authority bridge to your website.

7) Post On

                       Evan Williams and Biz Stone founded this popular blogging platform in 2012. Medium is one of the best platform for sharing high quality contents. As a marketer, Medium can help you reach a new audience with your creative content.

8) Utilize Email Marketing:

                       Email marketing is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website or  blog. Through email marketing you can increase brand awareness. Email marketing helps you increase brand awareness by getting your email messages into the inboxes of potential new customers.

9) Create And Share High-Quality Infographics:

                        A well-designed infographics can help you simplify a complicated subject into more captivating topic. Adding interactive infographics to your website can be one of the most effective to increase traffic to your website.

10) Focus On Mobile Usability:

                       It is very important that your website should be mobile friendly. In this new era, almost everyone uses mobile phones and tablets to browse anything and everything. So if your website is not mobile friendly then it will badly affect your website’s traffic.

11) Paid Traffic Methods:

                       Paying for ads and other initiatives is another method to drive traffic to your website or blog. Make sure you add Facebook and Google tracking pixels to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

12) Regularly Sharing Images on Pinterest.

                       Create unique, high-quality content for your website. Create new pages, blog posts, new images and new products listings for old and new posts that will inspire people to save and engage your Pins. Pinterest is a community just like Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you’re  connecting with others in your niche, active regularly and re-pinning others’ pins.